Abi Difabio continues to climb in music

His mother dreamed of being a singer and his father a film director, and although they never forced him to pursue an artistic career, he definitely Both Difabio I already had this passion in my genes. In college he studied Cine and now he dedicates himself completely to music.

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Her beginnings were seeing her brother play the drums daily at home, which inspired her from the age of 7 to take piano and guitar classes, instruments that she masters perfectly today. In 2016 she, she and her family moved to Orlando, Florida, and it has been from that city where she has embarked on her path as a singer-songwriter.

He started out writing songs in English, however little by little he began to find comfort in composing in Spanish. For her, living in the United States has become a great opportunity to network and find colleagues with whom she clicked immediately. One of those is the Ecuadorian Jose Antonio Villafuerte, who today is one of his base producers and with whom he already has a single ready that he will release in the coming months.

Meanwhile, on January 23 he premiered Below zero on all digital platforms. A song written by her that talks about “almost something”. “It leads you to understand that acceptance and that self-love from another perspective, sometimes, and I shared it with my followers these days, when you end a relationship with someone that you didn’t have anything serious with, it can hurt more than breaking up a relationship. The protagonist of this song is not a person, but a decision to move forward, that respect and love continue for the good of both”, explica.

He calls it a fusion between reggaeton, pop and disco, and it is this variety that represents it and for which he bets that many people will like it and find it different.


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He currently has more than 11,000 ‘followers’ on Instagram and says that he has created a very close relationship with them. She tries to do many exercises, but his favorite is to answer questions that are left for him. Among the messages that she receives of support and love for her project, she highlights that many come from followers of Ecuador. Furthermore, according to the metrics of Spotify It is among the countries that listen to it the most. Abi dreams of soon being able to visit all South America with his music and he hopes that this year even a part of that wish can be fulfilled.


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