Abdel Rahman Bilala sings for “Agent Zero”, Akram Hosni, “Video”

Abdel Rahman Bilala sings for “Agent Zero”, Akram Hosni, “Video”

The company producing the movie “Agent Zero” continues to propagate it before it is officially shown in Egyptian cinemas.

The company revealed the promotional song for “Agent Zero”, starring Akram Hosni, and it is scheduled to be released in theaters starting on August 16.

Agent Safar Akram Hosni

Zero client song

The song for the movie Agent Zero bears the name “Ali Min Ya Usta”, sung by Akram Hosni and Abdel Rahman Belala, and it is written by Akram Hosni, distributed by Karim Ashour, and arranged by Ahmed Waheed King.

The events of the movie “Agent Zero”

The events of the movie Agent Zero revolve around “Safar Abdul Latif Shaddad Al-Hamm”, a security individual who turns into “Agent Zero” in mysterious circumstances, amid an ironic paradox between the personality of the security individual, who is usually a simple young man who has not received any training of any kind and is not authorized to carry The weapon, as well as the ability to use it, and the personality of the secret agent, trained in various martial arts, who is fluent in using all types of weapons and possesses various skills, on top of which is camouflage and disguise.

Agent Safar Akram Hosni

Official Trailer for “Agent Zero”

An intense comic dose appeared in the promotional advertisement for the movie “Agent Zero”, with which Akram Hosni is competing among the films of the summer 2023 season.

The heroes of the movie “Agent Zero”

A large number of stars are participating in the movie “Agent Zero”, namely: Akram Hosni, Bayoumi Fouad, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Mustafa Gharib, Munther Rayahna, Fatima Al-Banawi, Phaedra, Ayman Tohme, Ismail Farghali, Ayman Al-Shewy, and the work is the idea of ​​Muhammad Sami, The screenplay and dialogue by Wael Abdullah, produced by Louay Abdullah and directed by Karim El Adl.

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The launch of the promotional song for the movie “Agent Zero” “Video”

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