A young man opens his heart to the pain, receives two letters calling for the death of coronavirus go get vaccinated urgently

36-year-old man reveals his feelings like being aggravated after receivingnote 2 copies from Sor. Sor. Non calling the dead fromCOVID-19 to get vaccinated urgently

from the case of a young man posting a heartbreaking story about his family After the Nonthaburi Provincial Public Health Office sent a letter to the uncle who died fromCovid-19 to give 2 urgent vaccinations, even if it’s a small request But the staff should check before sending as well as proposed.newsalready gone

Most recently, today (18 Sept.) at 8:00 p.m.newstraveled to meet Mr. Nattapong Houeay or must be 36 years old Owner of the post by revealing his repressed mind after losing Ms. Nipaphan Houeay, 66 years old, who is an uncle From being infected with COVID-19 on July 31, 64, without being vaccinated at all, despite having been waiting for a long time to be vaccinated like everyone else. But at the end of the uncle, the most urgent letter came for vaccination. How would the family feel?

Mr Nattapong said earlier that people at home were sick with Covid-19 in the whole house and went to the hospital. One person died on July 31. It appears that the first book is signed on the 19th. Aug. to get vaccinated by pulling the head as urgently as possible

Previously, family members tried to register to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. But the date I received was the day I was in the hospital. and passed away successfully When he died, he sent it to be injected on August 28. He thought that the system would still not run because there were many dead and sick people. let it pass

But it appears that yesterday came back from work. At home, bring the letter to see, everyone shook their heads in dissatisfaction. Because throughout the past 1 month, the condition at home is not normal. Painful and sad about the covid disease all the time. Later, there is a second letter that is the name of the same deceased person sent. It is signed on September 13 in the letter. Copy and paste, but only change the date that says. Get vaccinated as prompted as soon as possible.

He’s not right. Auntie passed away about a month ago. There was a letter like this sent back. So I came to think again that I can’t rely on anything, I have to rely on myself. After receiving the letter, he went back and thought about that day. Everyone may think that it’s a small thing these days when I can’t sleep (tears). because it shouldn’t have happened like this

“If the Ministry of Health cares a little Look into the civil registration every time there is a death notification. The hospital issued a death certificate in the district. think everything must end It appears that a letter like this is still being sent. and also sent this letter to reiterate Government officials should sync the data because it’s not that difficult. You haven’t seen the people’s heads.”

However, some people may see it as just one letter. But it’s a matter of feeling. Some people don’t meet and don’t know. When he made up his mind, he came back to find a letter like this. For the second time, he felt hopeless in this country. from the government’s vaccine administration, public welfare care Today we have to heal ourselves.



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