A Vox deputy recommends a gay politician from Más Madrid to “take care during Pride”

Hard dialectical confrontation in the Madrid Assembly between Vox and Más Madrid. the deputy Alicia Rubiofrom the Santiago Abascal formation, has recommended a representative of Plus Madrid to “take care” during the LGTBI Pride parties.

“I recommend him because, really, I to Mr. Rubiño, although he hates me, I don’t hate him, please take care of yourself in Pride,” said Vox politics addressing Eduardo Rubiño, an openly homosexual deputy.

Rubiño has described the words of the Vox representative as “very serious” because, according to him, Alicia Rubio has used “stigma based on sexual health”. “I don’t know what you implied here today when you told me to take care of myself at Pride. very serious to fly over with the stigma based on the Health sexualbecause it is what you were referring to and you know it perfectly, you know it perfectly”.

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“Take care, take care during all the Pride parties, okay?”added Rubio, in the face of the angry gestures of the More Madrid bench.

“Do you know what we LGTBI people have to protect ourselves from? From people like you, who only stir up hatred and shame,” Rubiño replied.

“What we are proposing is what a series of associations that claim to represent LGTBI paint themselves,” the Vox deputy had previously stated, “that we have no idea how many partners each one has or who they represent.”

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“Opining on everything divine and human that is legislated here. It is one more privilege for a group that has all the privileges. You forget that you are normal and ordinary people, by God, like the rest and how the rest should be treated” , has assured.


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