A video spread of “naked” youth dancing on broken lightbulbs on a street in Cairo

A video of a popular wedding was spread on the social networking site Facebook in the Ard El Lewa area in Imbaba, one of the most popular neighborhoods in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

In the video, strange celebrations appeared by young men who danced half-naked in the middle of a street, in addition to placing broken light bulbs as a floor on which to dance, provoking the pioneers of social networking sites.

The strange video sparked a wave of denouncing and sarcastic comments, as one of the commentators said, “This is not a Shiite celebration, or the birth of Sidi Al-Arian, or a Masonic ritual. This is joy in the land of the district, and whoever in this land does not enter, or foam, or sawdust, this is a broken neon flash.”

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