a video on the phone betrays his obsession

Cristiano Ronaldo at the age of 36 has collected yet another record of his exceptional career by becoming the best scorer in the history of national teams. And a video related to the post-match of the match played with his Portugal against Northern Ireland, confirms once again his obsession with always trying to be the best.

He has won everything, he has broken record after record in the world of football, and yet Cristiano Ronaldo he is not full yet. At the age of 36, the Portuguese who felt the need for a new professional adventure by moving to United after leaving an important mark also at Juventus, has become the player with the highest number of goals to his credit in the national team, thanks to the brace scored at the Northern Ireland. Despite the many springs and as many battles on the CR7 field it is still animated by a sacred fire, which makes him an exemplary professional and a stimulus in turn for his teammates. And there is a post-match image from the last match played against Portugal which is the perfect snapshot of how obsessed Ronaldo is with what he does on the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one accustomed to records and trophies. Yet the 1985 class continues to be animated by the urge to be the best, obsessive in training and taking care of one’s body. Never satisfied, never stopped, CR7 feeds on its results and successes to continue to perform at the top. A clear demonstration of this comes from a video related to the post-match of the triumphal victory with Portugal against Ireland in which he surpassed the historic record of goals with the jersey of his own national team of Iranian Ali Daei.

Ronaldo sitting inside the coach of his team is struggling with the vision of a video on his mobile phone. The bomber does not notice that he is being filmed, while looking at the images of a match on his smartphone. Which? Just the one he just played. Cristiano is in fact re-admiring the highlights and his goals, and at a certain point he also brings his mobile phone close to his ear to better listen to the commentator’s story, the comments and even the reaction of the fans.

Nothing particularly exceptional, were it not for the fact that perhaps from a player of his age and so used to breaking records with goals and trophies, one would not expect such a strong “passion”. But this is the aspect that makes Cristiano Ronaldo so special, and also allows him to be able to play at the highest levels even at the threshold of 37 years. In that desire to meet again, in that desire to review the reaction to his goals, there is all CR7 and what drives him to always give his best, without ever being satisfied.


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