A video documenting the assault of a Turkish taxi driver on a Moroccan citizen, which led to his death

A video documenting the assault of a Turkish taxi driver on a Moroccan citizen, which led to his death

On Friday, a Moroccan citizen residing in Turkey died of a cerebral hemorrhage that resulted from hitting his head on the ground in a quarrel with a taxi driver in Istanbul, who refused to take him to his destination.

A video recording documented by surveillance cameras, according to Turkish media, showed the Turkish taxi driver getting out of his car and beating the victim in front of passers-by.

As a result of this attack, the victim fell and hit his head on the ground, before he breathed his last in the hospital, where he was quickly transferred.

According to informed sources, the 57-year-old Moroccan, named Jamal Doman, entered into a sharp altercation with a driver who refused to take him a short distance, before the dispute turned into a fight, entanglement of hands, and kicking and punching, which ended with the tragedy of the victim’s head hitting the ground.

The tragic incident aroused great discontent among many social media pioneers, especially after the circulation of a video clip in which the surveillance cameras documented the incident on a street in the state of Istanbul.

According to the head of the representation of Moroccans residing in Turkey, Ayoub Salem, the victim, who has lived in Turkey for about 13 years, died after a quarrel with the taxi driver, who first refused to take him to his destination, before he got out of his car and beat him “when he learned that he was a foreigner.” according to his expression.

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While local media said that the perpetrator was detained under “house arrest” pending completion of the investigations, sources from the Moroccan community in Turkey said that the police released the perpetrator pending investigation, while the wife of the victim, called Fatima Kreib, appeals for justice for her husband.


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