A video documenting the appearance of the “Antichrist” in the sky of Yemen .. A French agency reveals the whole truth

For years, a video clip sparked widespread controversy in the Arab and international media, as it showed a strange creature flying in the sky, and its publishers claim that it depicts the Antichrist in the sky of Yemen.

In the video, a person appears flying among the clouds in the sky, and the accompanying comment is written: “The Antichrist will come out in the sky of Yemen.”

In turn, a service that judges the authenticity of news in Agence France-Presse revealed the truth of this video, which received thousands of shares and views, as it clarified that “this video is nothing but a work of art, and has nothing to do with the truth.”

The French agency added, “After cutting the video into still scenes, I directed the search to the original version of it, published on YouTube in an account called “Jessen Carlos”, dated July 26, 2019″.

The agency explained, that the owner of the original video “identifies himself in the personal information field on his YouTube channel as an artist and animator.”

The young designer also explained in another video how he designed this optical illusion, according to what Al Hurra channel reported.



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