A themed hotel, camping area and a gigantic slide will expand Mini Hollywood

A themed hotel, camping area and a gigantic slide will expand Mini Hollywood

Monday, September 11, 2023, 11:10 p.m.

The Ministers of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Energy, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, and of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Arturo Bernal, together with the mayor of the town, José Díaz, toured yesterday the Oasys MiniHollywood theme park, located in the desert of Tabernas, to learn about the expansion and improvement works that are being carried out to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its opening, which will be celebrated in 2024. Accompanied by businessman José María Rossell, owner of the Senator Hotels & Resorts group, they visited the film set where MiniHollywood originated, which went from being a simple set to housing a theme park around it. In the decades of the 60s and 70s, the Almeria natural setting of Tabernas served as inspiration for numerous films that are part of the history of cinema, such as Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Death Had a price, hosting great celluloid stars such as Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot, Anthony Quinn, Claudia Cardinale and Sean Connery, among others.

To remember its illustrious visitors, the MiniHollywwod park will create a ‘Walk of Fame’ in the purest Hollywood style, which welcomes visitors and introduces them to the great actors and actresses who have walked on that stage. Among its attractions it has live shows, a large zoological reserve with more than 800 animals of 200 different species, a swimming pool and restaurant area. This wide offer will be expanded with the construction of a themed hotel, the conditioning of a camping area, restaurants and a large slide with a 30-meter drop that will mark the new stage of the park, property of the Senator Hotel & Resorts Group. In addition, it is planned to double the existing parking space, with more than 250 new spaces.

Bernal highlighted that “this mythical and iconic place of cinematography combines culture and tourism” and thanked “the Rossell family for this history of investment and generation of wealth in this land for more than fifty years.” Regarding the anniversary, he celebrated that the “new investments” will make “this a reference park, in a unique desert like Tabernas. “I want to thank you for this continued effort for Almería and for tourism and culture in Andalusia.”

For his part, the Minister of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, has assured that “without a doubt MiniHollywood would not have the projection that it has if it were located in another enclave, since the uniqueness of the environment that surrounds it , the Tabernas de Almería Desert Natural Area, is a desert that is the only one of these characteristics on the entire continent, the only one with very characteristic endemic flora and fauna that make it special.

Likewise, the Minister of Sustainability pointed out that “Andalusia can boast of having the land with the most contrasts of the entire continent, all landscapes have a place in Andalusia”; at the same time he assured that “this treasure that has been bequeathed to us we have the responsibility to maintain it, take care of it, promote it and ensure that the Andalusians of the next generations can enjoy it as we do, that is the great challenge that the Junta de Andalucía has in a way transversal and that the counseling has in particular.

900,000 overnight stays

Regarding the tourism balance in the province, Minister Bernal has detailed that 2023 is possibly going to be the best year in tourism for Andalusia. «In the case of Almería, July has been an important reference month: almost 235,000 people have come to the province, generating more than 919,000 overnight stays and this means that we have had stays of more than four days, with practically 95% full. the entire coastline.

It is worth remembering that the first half of the year closed with 15.2 million tourists in Andalusia. «The summer term [junio, julio y agosto] We will be around 11.5 million. All these figures are records, but the most important thing is not the number of tourists who visit us thanks to locations like this, but the increase in average stays and spending. In the case of Almería, with increases of around 12%, very relevant compared to 2022,” said counselor Arturo Bernal during his visit yesterday to the municipality of Tabernas.

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