A Thai device detects corona infection through sweat.. video

Scientists in Thailand have developed a device that detects infection with the emerging coronavirus through the armpit sweat and within just 15 minutes.

Shaden Colsing, of Chulalongkorn University, which developed the device, said its accuracy in getting correct results was 95 percent.

“We found that people with COVID-19 excrete very specific chemicals. We used this result to develop a device to detect the specific odors produced by specific bacteria in the sweat of COVID-19 patients,” he added.

Shaden hopes the device can be offered as an affordable alternative to more expensive swab tests that require lab processing.

However, the research that led to the development of the device is still in its infancy, and it has not been published in any scientific journal or reviewed by researchers and scientists in other countries, as is the case in the review of internationally approved scientific research, according to “Soronis”.

The way the device works depends on people placing a cotton sample under their armpits for 15 minutes before placing the swab in a glass vial and sterilizing it with ultraviolet light.

“The technician then draws an appropriate amount of the sample using a suction hose and presses it into the analyzer to check the results,” Shaden explains.

Sample collection takes 15 minutes and results are ready within 30 seconds.

The device won the admiration of sellers in the capital market, Bangkok, due to its ease of operation and the speed of obtaining its results.



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