A terrible accident .. a video documenting the collision of a speeding motorcycle with a child on a street in Jarablus

A young child was involved in a horrific accident by a motorcyclist, on a street in the city of Jarablus, northeastern Syria, this evening, Sunday.

Whatsapp Video It was reported on social media, that the child ran to cross the street to be surprised by a speeding motorcycle that hit him very hard, which led to him throwing him dozens of meters in the street, and he fell to the ground without any movement.

The video showed a car parked in the street in front of the child, blocking him from seeing the motorcycle coming from behind it, as its speed contributed to the inability of either of them to avoid the accident.

A source from Jarablus told Orient that the child was called Qusai Al-Muhammad and was taken to Jarablus Hospital, and he is still alive, but the accident caused a fracture in his left foot, and he was also placed under the supervision of the neurological department because he lost consciousness more than once.

Yesterday, Saturday, another child in the city of Al-Dana, north of Idlib, suffered a similar incident, but a passenger bus hit him when he was running fast to cross the street.

The child also survived the accident with some fractures and bruises, but whoever sees the force of the collision does not expect the child to live, just like the one who sees the accident that the child Qusay suffered this evening.

Traffic accidents have increased significantly in northern Syria during the past few months, and although there is no accurate statistics of the percentage of traffic accidents, not a day passes in the liberated areas in the north without 4 or 5 traffic accidents.

Orient Net website mentioned the most important reasons for the increase in the phenomenon of traffic accidents in the north, in a previous report, the most important of which is that drivers do not have driving licenses because there is no official institution that issues these certificates there, as well as the scarcity of traffic signs and traffic signals that contribute to educating drivers about driving rules, in addition. To the large number of young children who drive vehicles with excessive speed and carelessness, and the bad roads as a result of potholes and random and unorganized bumps.



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