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A teacher got fed up in a WhatsApp ‘mommy’ chat and launched a spicy comment that ignited the controversy

by drbyos

A primary school math teacher got fed up with the moms of a WhatsApp group and surprised everyone when she shared a video where she explains the task to her students in a very particular way, that caused controversy and laughter. If you want another video, ask your husband that I have already sent many “, closed the Daniela Catelli, the teacher who went viral on social networks.

Catelli is a third grade teacher at the Inmaculada Concepción school in Lomas de Zamora and is part of a WhatsApp group with the mothers of her students, who ask her about their children’s doubts about homework. Hello, ma’am. We did the multiplication and we painted, but it is not entirely clear “,” The same thing happens to me, with addition and subtraction “and” Hello! I join the request ”, were some of the messages that came to him.

Given this, the teacher took the cell phone and began to record, remarkably upset. “Did you want the video? Let’s see, moms? Call the boys. I’m going to explain the multiplication. Oh, how much I miss you! Mom planted three seedlings in three beds, how many seedlings did Mom plant?” reluctantly. “Treees, more treees, more treees. Three times three. Three times three, nine. Nine, get inside it rains, understand? What luck!” he said wryly.

And he finished sharply: “I already explained to you. The boys are a light. They understand very quickly. If you want me to send you another video, ask your husband that I already sent him many” This last phrase aroused the anger of the mothers, who jumped into the jugular of the teacher. After the viralization of the video, Daniela Catelli chose to make a release on her Facebook account.

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“That’s how I am. I am Daniella Castelli, teacher. I like to say ‘teacher’ more. I feel like I was born for this. Throughout my career, I have received millions of kisses and hugs, from ‘lady, I love you’, thank you, from ‘I will miss you’, from surprises, gifts and calls from students to whom I gave their medals when they graduated from high school. I have 4 children, I live alone with them. Also, I am an actress. Another thing I love to do and I would not change for anything, ”he revealed, hinting that it had been a video made from humor. In the end, he decided to delete the video that caused controversy.


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