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A Saudi research team was able to develop a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, by reaching higher concentrations in brain cells.

A Saudi “Al-Ekhbariya” channel reported that the Saudi research team was able to develop the currently available treatment in the market for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, by developing the efficiency of this drug’s ability to penetrate into the human brain itself, and reach it in a higher concentration to the brain cells.

Al-Ekhbariya channel held an interview with Dr. Heba Al-Dosari, a member of the Saudi research team, who confirmed that the idea of ​​the new drug was to develop a drug on the market for Alzheimer’s disease, through which the team modified the outer surface of the emulsified particles, and added positive charges to the drug.

Al-Dosari added that two compounds were also added on the outside to protect the emulsified particles, in order to be able to penetrate in a faster way, through the brain barrier, to reach higher concentrations in the brain cells.

Doctor Heba Al-Dosari indicated that the new and developed drug treats Alzheimer’s disease in a higher way than the drug currently available in the market, and that the research team had developed the drug with the aim of working on developing efficiency within the human body, pointing out that the new drug succeeded in developing its ability to penetrate into brain cells. , with a higher concentration of the drug available in the market.

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