A rural palace near Plovdiv fetched BGN 2.7 million

BGN 2.7 million is the price of the most expensive residential property on the market in Plovdiv. However, it is not located in the Old Town or some other luxury district under the hills, but on the highest point of the village of Belashtitsa.

The house has 680 square meters of built-up area on several levels, over 2 acres of yard, tennis court and full luxury furniture. The property is looking for its new owner for the exorbitant sum of 1.4 million euros, or nearly 2.7 million leva.

The Tuzar estate also has one double and two single garages, a 10 by 4 meter swimming pool that can create artificial waves. The super-luxury house is equipped with local heating with a heat pump, there is also a top-class air conditioning system in every room, as well as a modern security system with infrared sensors and cameras. Calculations show that the average price per square meter for a similar type of premium property is the dizzying ones 2000 euros.

The second most expensive house in the region also happens to be in Belashtitsa and is again a more than impressive property with 800 square meters of built-up area, just over 1 decare of yard, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna and dozens of other extras. This property is located in the new part of the village and is for sale for 750 thousand euros, or almost 1.5 million BGN. The most luxurious house currently for sale in Markovo costs nearly 600,000 euros, or BGN 1.2 million.

The villages of the Rhodope collar have long caught up with, and even surpassed, the big city in quality of living environment, and property prices in the “Rhodope” municipality are now equal to, or even higher than, those in Plovdiv, brokers report.

Expect: Plovdiv residents move to the countryside en masse


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