A register opened Wednesday in L’Anse-Saint-Jean for a water treatment plant

A register will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at City Hall and 132 signatures are needed to force a referendum.

The loan by-law to finance the project was adopted by the municipal council last week.

Citizens are mobilizing to sign the register because they deplore not having received enough information.

Marie-Francine Bienvenue, a resident of L’Anse-Saint-Jean, believes that citizens lack information about the project and the costs it will represent for citizens.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

In the information meetings, we were told that it was the promoters who took care of the plant to treat the wastewater and then that the rest of us, that the municipality would just have to do the maintenance of the plant, once builtsaid Marie-Francine Bienvenue, a resident of L’Anse-Saint-Jean.

Three projects

The project will make it possible to treat wastewater from three housing development projects in the same place.

First, there is the Le Croissant real estate development, led by Charles Lavoie and triathlete Pierre Lavoie, among others, which is valued at $32 million. It would be the largest project of the three, with 82 doors, according to Pierre Lavoie.

The two promoters did not want to give a recorded interview. During a telephone interview, Pierre Lavoie indicated that the launch of the project is linked to the construction of the water treatment plant and that it could probably not see the light of day if the project is abandoned.

Jean-Marc Brassard poses in front of a ski resort.

Jean-Marc Brassard, President of Val-Anse Residential Development

Photo : Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

There is also a new phase of the Val-Anse residential development, led by promoter Jean-Marc Brassard. It would include 45 doors. For this one, there is no more availability and the waiting list is full. The promoter says he is waiting for the construction of the plant to be able to start construction. However, the project could see the light of day even if the plant project is abandoned, said Mr. Brassard.

The latter considers that the project is essential.

I don’t know if it was badly explained in relation to the municipality, but, want it, don’t want it, it takes that. Then we got there. Me, I see it like that. […] Me, I’m waiting for themhe concluded.

A poster of a residential project in winter.

The Val-Anse project is located near Mont-Édouard, in L’Anse-Saint-Jean.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

Finally, the third project is the business of promoter Sylvain Dufour.

For residents too

The plant will also be able to treat wastewater from other residences in the area. These citizens will have to connect to the new water treatment system, even if they have a standard septic tank.

The developers intended to install their own systems. So after studying the requests and proposals from developers, we realized that doing one development, or doing three developments, with three different systems, plus the municipality’s system, becomes complex.explained the mayor of L’Anse-Saint-Jean, Richard Perron.

Richard Perron poses in front of a forest in winter.

Richard Perron, Mayor of L’Anse-Saint-Jean

Photo : Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

The costs would have been too high, according to the City. L’Anse-Saint-Jean therefore opted for a single plant and shared project costs.

You should know that all the taxpayers of L’Anse-Saint-Jean will share the bill. The amount, which is not yet known, will be added to the municipal tax bill. It should however vary according to the sectors, indicated the mayor.

An evaluation by promoters

The $3M project cost estimate is based on an estimate from the Le Croissant project. The company will have to ensure the construction of the treatment plant, according to the resolution adopted by the city council on January 16.

There is no subsidy in this project in the alpine sector and it is not linked to a similar project in the village sector. The latter is valued at $18 million, but it includes road repair work. It is 95% funded by Quebec.

more questions

However, many questions remain for citizens.

They say they take out a loan, at what interest rate? Then they say above all that it is all, all the citizens who have to pay for this project which suits the promoters. It looks big. […] We want to sign the register at the municipality so that there is a real citizen consultationcontinued Marie-Francine Bienvenue, who has already been a candidate four times in the riding of Dubuc.

An information session was held in May by the municipality on the project. Mr. Perron affirms that it was already a question of citizens assuming part of the bill.

Mont-Édouard ski resort.

The wastewater treatment plant project in the alpine sector will also support future resort projects around Mont-Édouard.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Myriam Gauthier

000$ over 20 years which will be subsidized via the additional taxes which will be added”,”text”:”At the end of the day, it is not three million that will be paid by the citizens (…). You have to subtract the promoters’ shares, the municipality’s share to end up with about $60,000 over 20 years which will be subsidized via the additional taxes that will be added”}}”>In the end, it is not three million that will be charged to the citizens […]. You have to subtract the promoters’ shares, the municipality’s share to end up with about $60,000 over 20 years which will be subsidized via the additional taxes that will be addedquantified the mayor.

Mayor Perron explained that the cost to be assumed by each promoter would be calculated according to the needs of each project. We take the cost of the factory, the cost of the factory is divided by the number of cubic meters that we are going to install and that gives a cost per cubic meterhe added.

Based on a report by Myriam Gauthier


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