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a position earned in the ATP ranking. The next opponent – OA Sport

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12.19 Thanks for having lived with us the emotions of the match between Sinner and Pella and good continuation of the day.

12.18 Sinner scored 6 aces, Pella only one. The blue served really well, because he got 81% of points with the first serve and 67% with the second.

12.17 The South Tyrolean in the next round will meet the winner of the challenge between the German Jan-Lennard Struff and the Australian Alexei Popyrin.

12.16 Sinner deservedly wins the match which ended, however, due to a physical problem of the Argentine.

12.14 Nothing to do! Pella is forced to retire due to a groin problem.

12.13 The problem that forced the Argentine to retire in the match against Millman in Monaco may have worsened.

12.10 Physical problem for Pella who calls the medical timeout.

15-0 Winning service in the center of Sinner.

4-4. Pella finds the forehand line and closes the game.

40-30 The Argentine opens the field with the forehand and closes with a volley on the fly.

30-30 Great Sinner! Dominate from the bottom with the straight and nails Pella.

30-15 Effective straight from the center of the field backing off the blue.

30-0 He exaggerates with the straight Sinner on the second of the opponent and makes a mistake.

15-0 Bravo Pella to push with the forehand, climbs to the net and closes with an excellent volley.

4-3 BREAK PELLA! The Argentine takes advantage of a small empty pass by Sinner.

30-40 Sinner’s bad mistake that forces the backhand to cross that goes off on the net. First break point of the match for the Argentine.

30-30 Pella’s response is profound, sending the blue over the top with the forehand.

30-15 Sinner hammers from the bottom with the forehand and closes with an elegant and effective stop-volley.

15-15 Sinner opens the field well with the forehand but blatantly misses the demi_volée.

15-0 Service and very narrow straight.

4-2 Sinner. Pella has no intention of giving anything to the blue.

A-40 This time the blue exaggerates with the forehand.

40-40 Sinner’s depth of blows still puts the Argentine in difficulty.

A-40 Second serve worked very well by the Argentine.

40-40 Bravo Pella this time who with great courage bends the resistance of the blue after a very long exchange.

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40-A Sinner dominates with the forehand forcing to chase the Argentine who in the end misses the backhand.

40-40 Sinner’s deep backhand response, Pella’s recovery is very long.

40-30 Sinner exaggerates this time with a counterbalance forehand that ends in the corridor.

30-30 Pella maneuvers well with the forehand from the bottom but Sinner defends himself with great courage, at the end the Argentine tries a damping that ends up in the net.

30-15 Excellent straight out of Pella’s service, Sinner’s recovery ends in the corridor.

15-15 Winning service of the Argentine.

0-15 Sinner opens the field with the forehand and finds a right low volley, Pella’s recovery ends up on the net.

4-1 Sinner. Gorgeous forehand and closure with a very sweet demi-volée in extension. Bravo the blue.

40-30 WONDERFUL SINNER !!!!! Straight along the line that nails the opponent !!!

30-30 Pella does not give up and tries to stay on course with an excellent backhand on which the blue misses.

30-15 Sinner’s forehand from the baseline is deep and powerful, leaving no way out for the opponent.

15-15 Ditches Sinner’s backhand in the net after an intense arm wrestling.


3-1 Sinner. Last extremely spectacular point with Pella who finds an excellent passer-by on which Sinner cannot find the right demi-volée, comfortable support from the Argentine.

40-0 This time the Argentine pushes well, the blue also loses a support in the lateral movement and makes a mistake with the forehand.

30-0 Ace Pella.

15-0 First point of the set for Pella thanks to Sinner’s mistake with the straight line.

3-0 Sinner. The last games of the Azzurri were of the highest level.

40-0 Ace Sinner!!!!!!

30-0 Sinner’s winning center service. At the moment there is only the blue on the field.

15-0 Sinner’s forehand out of service is fantastic.

2-0 BREAK SINNER !!!!!! Blue stretches.

0-40 Nothing to do for Pella, Sinner’s game is overflowing at this stage. The blue dominates with the forehand and closes with the shot to cross.

0-30 The blue always plays with great depth, the Argentine makes a mistake once again.

0-15 Pella tries to exit the exchange but makes a mistake with the forehand.

1-0 Sinner! The blue starts off great.

40-0 Another service to the winning center. At this stage, Sinner’s superiority is evident.

30-0 Sinner’s service and straight winning line.

15-0 Sinner’s excellent service in the center on which the Argentine is unable to replicate.


6-2 SINNER !!!!!!!!!! Very good blue !!!! First set conquered without too many problems.

30-40 Second extremely worked by Pella that puts Sinner in crisis.

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15-40 Pella tries to exit the exchange but his forehand ends very long. Two set points for the blue.

15-30 Poor Pella is forced with his feet out of the field in an attempt to contain Sinner’s forehand shots, in the end his desperate attempt to respond goes out on the net.

15-15 Sinner maneuvers splendidly from the bottom with the Argentine who blatantly misses the backhand.

15-0 Sinner’s backhand is too deep.

5-2 Game won easily by Sinner.

40-30 A bit of a hurry for Sinner who ditches his backhand out of the service.

40-15 Run away from Sinner’s straight when exiting the service.

40-0 Sinner’s third ace !!!!!!!

30-0 Ace outside of Sinner !!!!

15-0 Sinner’s winning service.

4-2 BREAK SINNER !!!! Excellent game played by the blue that has shown all its superiority.

15-40 This time it is Pella who pushes in a determined way but Sinner defends himself well, in the end the Argentine misses the line.

15-30 Bravissimo Sinner !!!!!!! The blue forces the opponent to run left and right but in the end he closes with a delicious damping!

15-15 Sinner’s response is very profound with the Argentine who completely misses the forehand.

15-0 Pella pushes well with the forehand out of the service, Sinner tries to replicate but without success.

3-2 Sinner. Very good the blue that holds well in the service.

40-15 Sinner’s forehand is very deep, Pella tries to replicate but without success.

30-15 This time he does not pass the backhand to cross Sinner who goes out on the net.

30-0 Excellent external service of the blue who is then good at closing with the forehand in advance.

15-0 Sinner’s first external winner.

2-2. Pella keeps up well. The match so far has not given particular shocks.

40-15 Before leaving Pella and closing with the straight to cross.

30-15 Double foul by the Argentine.

30-0 Sinner takes over the exchange but misses the closing forehand.

15-0 Along Sinner’s backhand.

2-1 Sinner. Still a fairly easy game for the blue.

40-15 Double foul by Sinner.

40-0 First winner of the blue.

30-0 First external and closing with the forehand.

15-0 Wonderful Sinner who plays a long line in advance with a fantastic backhand!

1-1 Sinner. Pella relies on serve in this game.

40-15 Sinner exaggerates with the straight on the second of Pella and makes a mistake.

30-15 First winner in the center of Pella.

15-15 Winning service of the Argentine.

0-15 Very deep Sinner with the backhand, Pella does not keep the exchange and sends his shot on the net.

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1-0 Sinner. First quick game in favor of the blue.

40-0 Sinner maneuvers well and ends with an excellent long straight line.

30-0 Very long exchange closed by a lightning-fast backhand from Sinner.

15-0 Disastrous backhand from Pella who immediately gives a point to the blue.

11.08 Let’s go. At the Sinner service!

11.05 So far it has not been an exciting season for the Argentine tennis player who has had to deal with various physical problems.

11.00 Here we are: Sinner and Pella take the field.

10.55 Soon the players will be on the pitch for the warm-up.

10.50 There are about 10 minutes left for the start of the match.

10.45 The blue returns to the field after the excellent semifinal obtained in Barcelona.

10.40 This is the first career challenge between the two tennis players.

10.35 Not an easy match for the blue who will face an opponent who loves clay.

10.30 Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of the match between Jannik Sinner and Guido Pella valid for the first round of the Masters1000 in Madrid.

Sinner-Pella programma

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of the match Jannik Sinner and Guido Pella valid for the first round of the Masters 1000 in Madrid. For the South Tyrolean, a difficult debut on Spanish clay against a specialist of this surface.

The 19-year-old native of San Candido returns to the field after the excellent Barcelona tournament where he stopped in the semifinals in the presence of an overflowing Stefanos Tsitsipas. For the young blue it is a good opportunity to gain further experience and why not to rise even more in the ranking. Sinner although he has been permanently on the major circuit for a few years, he has already taught us that we can expect anything from him, relying on a decidedly above average talent.

Today’s challenge will be a very important test. The Argentine is an excellent “terraiolo” and therefore the Italian will have to work hard to beat him. It is almost obvious to underline that the underdogs are on the side of Sinner but the blue absolutely must not make the mistake of underestimating the opponent. This is the first career crossing between the two tennis players.

OA Sport offers you the Live Stream of the match Jannik Sinner and Guido Pella valid for the first round of the Masters 1000 in Madrid: news in real time and constant updates. The match will start no earlier than 11.00 at Stadium 3. Have fun, we are waiting for you!

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