A new driver’s license is required for the coolest sports cars

A new driver’s license is required for the coolest sports cars

It is to increase safety on the roads that the government in Australia is introducing the new driver’s license for everyone who owns a sports car or a so-called supercar. The course will teach risk taking, the use of driver assistance systems and safety for high performance cars.

The limit for what counts as a high-performance car is a weight-to-power ratio of 267 kW per 1,000 kg, or about 363 horsepower per 1,000 kg car.

It is the South Australian government that is driving the proposal and they intend to go further than just requiring a new driver’s license. To ensure that drivers stay on the road, the government wants to remove the ability to switch off important assistance systems.

Among other things, anti-lock brakes, emergency brake assistance, anti-skid systems and stability systems must be switched on at all times on the cars. If it is discovered that the drivers used the sports mode in areas with built-up areas and people and then cause an accident, they can be prosecuted for negligence in traffic.

The government believes that with these measures it should still be possible to drive super fast cars without jeopardizing road safety.

The proposal has been discussed for some time in Australia and then also what the special education should contain.

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