A Minguillon-Gogoladze-Ormond rear triangle for Aurillac against Colomiers

Heavy in front, fire behind. To challenge Colomiers, Friday evening (D3) Aurillac greatly modified his starting XV, in particular by putting canes in the back of the field.

Also taking into account the very important reception of Grenoble barely six days after his trip to Haute-Garonne, the Cantal staff made a large turnover, also opting for a bench with five forwards for three backs.

Beware of Colomiers rucks and Grenoble raises: ex-Aurillacois Kevin Lebreton details the stadium menu

If the hinge remains unchanged, Lucas Vaccaro is the only player on the attacking line to re-emerge after Bayonne Photo Renaud Baldassin

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Vaccaro associated with the center in Powell

The hinge indeed remains unchanged, with the Palmier-Delarue pair, in sight against Bayonne, but therefore with the presence on the bench of Antoine Aucagne, with Thomas Dubourdeau and Hugo Bouyssou at his side.

“We take this option to give Antoine Aucagne playing time and also allow Marc Palmier to have the right freshness for Grenoble. We also know some who join the group could not have 80 minutes in the legs, hence this idea of ​​three backs “

Romeo Gontinéac (Head coach of Aurillac)

The titular attack line, it, is practically completely renewed with the only Vaccaro which connects after Bayonne. The former Albigensian will be associated with Christa Powell at the center. Enough to keep the power option in the center of the field adopted against Rowing. On the wings and behind, the staff simmered a Minguillon-Gogoladze-Ormond triangle capable of bringing speed to transform the job of the pair of centers on the advantage line.

The fray at the Stade Aurillacois rises crescendo, “but we still have work to do”

Tim Daniel back and holder

In front, Aurillac is blowing the world but records important returns, like that of Martial Rolland, associated with Singer in the second row. Another new kid, in addition to Ormond, Paul Farret will make his Pro D2 debut in a third row where Maituku, who will be captain, and Havili Kaufusi will begin.

Finally, Luka Nioradze will start with number 2 after taking his place on the bench last week. He will be supervised by Julien Royer and Tim Daniel, recovered from his meniscus operation.

Summer rookie, the former Niçois Yann Tivoli will experience his first in Pro D2 by taking his place on the bench, where he will be able to cover the 2nd and 3rd row positions. Photo Hervé Chellé

Plantier to cover the heel, Tivoli on the bench

To weigh in front during the game, Aurillac will count on Plantier who will cover the heel, Polit on the left and the inevitable Kartvelishili on the right. Javakhia and the former Niçois Tivoli complete the bench. The latter could be brought to cover the 3rd row if necessary, knowing that the profile of Vaccaro and Powell also offer options for this position in case of glitch.

Jean-Paul Cohade

The essays


Starting XV: Girard; Pimienta, Deysel, Nicot, Cordier; (o) Séguy, (m) Séguéla; Bézian (cap.), Macovei, Lescure; Chartier, Granouillet; Pirlet, Larrieu, Dubois.

Alternates: Eliott, Tartas, Ricard, Coletta, Perrin, Gori, Saurs, Sekhlashvili.


Starting XV : Gogoladze; Ormond, Vaccaro, Powell, Minguillon; (o) Palmier, (m) Delarue; Havili Kaufusi, Farret, Maituku (cap.); Singer, Rolland; Daniel, Nioradze, Roger.

Remplaçants : Plantier, Polit, Javakhia, Tivoli, Bouyssou, Aucagne, Dubourdeau, Kartvelishvili.


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