A massive brawl of 60 football fans in Tver was filmed: Incidents: Russia: Lenta.ru

A video of a mass brawl between fans of the football clubs “Spartak” and “Zenit” in Tver appeared on the Web, the video was published in Telegram-channel Baza.

The footage captured a crowd of fans running down the street. The author of the frames, who was probably also taking part in the scuffle, filmed several young people lying on the asphalt. According to various sources, about 60 football fans took part in the fight, at least seven people were injured.

At the moment, none of the victims has contacted the police. The main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the region added: they are clarifying the circumstances of the mass brawl. According to official figures, about 30 people started the fight. One of them was hospitalized. The local police clarified that the outfit had arrived at the scene, but the participants in the fight had managed to escape by that moment.

The incident took place on Saturday, September 4, on Sovetskaya Street in Tver. Fans of the “blue-white-blue” came to this city to support Zenit in the game against the local FC Tver. Fans of “Spartak” arrived there to attack the supporters of the St. Petersburg club.


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