A man suffered for several days after being bitten by a velvet ant

velvet ant
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A man suffered excruciating pain for several days after being bitten by a velvet ant. It is one of the species whose sting is one of the most painful… Explanations.

Failing to have the corpulence to defend themselves from predators, some insects are equipped with an unstoppable weapon: the sting. And it can be very painful. This is particularly the case of the velvet ant. Florida residents were horrified to discover a photo shared by the Floridian Eric Breuer, showing the sting of a velvet ant on its body. The latter says that he was in excruciating pain after being bitten by the insect.

« It was mid-July 2020. I rode my motorcycle to the Publix on Route 27 in Davenport, Florida. As I got off my bike and took a step or two, I was stung. It felt like someone was burning me with a cigarette inside my right thigh. I immediately slapped my leg and the insect fell Breuer said.

Although it can be mistaken for an ant, the velvet ant is actually a wasp belonging to the family Mutillidae. As it is wingless, it cannot fly away from its predators. Thus, she developed a fearsome sting, which is known to be one of the most painful in the insect world. She is even nicknamed cow killer.

However, although the insect’s bites are extremely painful, they are neither poisonous nor fatal. Furthermore, Breuer testifies that he felt the sting for five days while the redness completely dissipated after ten days. To go further, discover the ant-panda, this adorable Chilean insect with an extremely painful sting.

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