A major problem for Batlles after Bastia

A major problem for Batlles after Bastia

After a slight revival of form observed during the first matches of the year 2023, ASSE has relapsed. Laurent Batlles’ players lost again this Tuesday evening against SC Bastia, and the face displayed by the Greens at the start of the week is not reassuring for the moment. After the meeting, the coach of the Greens also underlined an element for which he was not satisfied with his team.

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The matches follow one another, but nothing fundamentally seems to be happening in Saint-Étienne. Against Bastia, the Greens have once again demonstrated how fragile the team remains as it is, and the solutions do not seem to be at hand for some particularly struggling players. At the beginning of February, the transfer window closed its doors, and only a change of tactics, or state of mind, can save the club. According to the coach of this formation, an element is sorely lacking in his players to win.

A commitment in question

In the last two games negotiated by AS Saint-Étienne, the team sank again defensively. Beyond technical approximations, physical commitment is the subject of questions here. At the Bein Sports micro, Laurent Batlles declared: “They ate us in all the duels. From the moment we play the maintenance, we must be at the same level as them, especially in this. We must realize that we must try to be much more efficient in this to be able to save ourselves. Because It won’t just happen through great play, it will also go through matches where you’ll have to look for something else, an extra soul that I haven’t seen.

Visibly angry about the unreliability of his men in terms of duels, Laurent Batlles does not manage to breathe this spirit of accuracy in terms of commitment since the start of the season. Sometimes too tender in the duels, and jostled like yesterday against Bastia, sometimes too committed and sanctioned by repeated exclusions, the players must find a balance quickly, the next match arriving this weekend against Annecya side that won their first leg in December.

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