A Madrid bar declares war on brunch and Anglicisms

Brunch is the word that is born from the fusion of breakfast and lunch, in English they mean breakfast and lunch or lunch. Therefore this term is the mixture of the first meal in the morning and the one at noon.

It is a concept that materializes in the Anglo-Saxon world and thanks to series, movies and the desire to establish new fashions, it has spread throughout the world.

Some of the brunch dishes

Third parties

Today there are places of brunch in any city in Spain. Before it was something only for people with more money, now, it has not stopped being expensive, but it is much more accessible.

a brunch It is a meal that is made when it is too late for breakfast but too early to eat. He was born with the intention of doing it on the weekends after going out to party. Although now it is done at any time in the morning and with any excuse.


typical brunch


At the same time, there are other Anglicisms that have crept into our vocabulary: smoothy, healthy, food truck, influencer, start up, afterwork… And as in all fashions, there are those who have declared war on the new and unknown.

In this case it has been a bar in Madrid, which has gone viral thanks to its original way of opposing the fashion of having a strong breakfast at 12 in the morning. “Neither branch, nor brunch. Have a good breakfast ”, is what can be read on the window of a modest bar in Lavapiés (Madrid).


Brunch at the hipster restaurant The Federal, Barcelona

Other sources

Something that has caused a sensation on social networks. There are many users who have been sharing the image in different accounts, receiving the support of those who think that these types of trends damage the Spanish language in some way.

On the other hand, it has rekindled the debate on Anglicisms and fashions. There have also appeared those who think that each one should express himself as he wants and that in Spanish there is no term to refer to that specific food.


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