A liar’s world.. Details of Hamza Namira’s latest songs, “Video”

A liar’s world.. Details of Hamza Namira’s latest songs, “Video”

The artist, Hamza Namira, revealed the release of a new song, his album “Rayek”, which continues to release his songs, and it is the album whose songs achieved great success and made it top the trend.

Hamza Namira explained the details of his new song through his official Facebook account.

Hamza Namera

New song by Hamza Namera

Hamza Namira published a video clip of a new song called “Alam Kadaba”.

Hamza Namira appeared in the video “A Liar’s World”, standing on the sidewalk of a metro station, and commented: “I wonder if a liar’s world is really? .. Wait for the song # Liar’s World on Wednesday at 7 pm on YouTube and all song platforms.”

Winds of Life by Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira’s latest song, “Winds of Life”, succeeded in breaking the barrier of 7 million views, on YouTube.

The song “Winds of Life” by Hamza Namira, written by Muhammad Farouk, composed by Hamza Namira, arranged and mixed by Karim Abdel Wahhab, guitar Mustafa Aslan, bass guitar Ahmed Ragab, Nay and Koula Saleh Yurtash, and the execution and strings of Ahmed Atef.

Hamza Namira, Winds of Life song

The song “Winds of Life” by Hamza Namira ranked fourth in the list of the most listened to on YouTube, and ranked first on the “Anghami” application in the list of the 50 most listened songs.

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Hamza Namira’s new song achieves one million views on YouTube

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