A large traffic of cannabis has been dismantled near Lyon

Police dismantled cannabis trafficking between the Lyon region and Spain, seizing more than a ton of drugs. Among the protagonists of this affair: Lyonnais sponsors, Romanian truck drivers and a Bordeaux team responsible for “opening the road”.

Significant cannabis trafficking has been dismantled in the Lyon region (illustrative image).


The net came in several stages, said Friday the antenna of the Anti-Narcotics Office of the Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police of Lyon. On May 1, Haute-Savoie customs officers intercept a vehicle in Ain carrying 200 kilos of cannabis resin.

The prosecution of the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (Jirs) of Lyon takes up the case. The driver, indicted and imprisoned, admits having sent the drug in exchange for 3000 euros, but says nothing about his sponsors.

However, the investigations brought to light a regular transport of cannabis in trucks arriving from Spain, “with the help of a Bordeaux team specifically dedicated to the opening of the road, from the Spanish border to the delivery areas”, according to the same source.

In the act

During the night of May 31 to June 1, one of the identified semi-trailers was thus taken care of from La Jonquera (Spain) by these “openers” who escorted it to the south of Lyon. On the morning of June 1, the two Romanian drivers of the truck were joined by two traffickers from Lyon to unload the cargo. The four men are then arrested “in full transaction” at a warehouse located in Mions, in the city.

In the truck are discovered “very many travel bags” containing 1.2 tons of cannabis resin. Investigators also get their hands on a small sports bag containing 147,000 euros in the utility driven by the Lyonnais. One of them, wanted for a sentence of seven years in prison, carries a false identity card.

The four suspects were imprisoned on June 4. The last act took place this week, with six arrests made Monday and Tuesday in Bordeaux by the Lyon police, helped by their local colleagues. In the end, three of these men, “formally identified on several convoys”, were presented to the examining magistrate on Friday.

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