A-Juniors of I. SC Göttingen 05 win top game in Wolfsburg

The A-Juniors of I. SC Göttingen 05 extended their lead in the Lower Saxony Football League with a 2-0 (1-0) away win against second Lupo Martini Wolfsburg. “We played better football and in the end we deserved to win”, summarized the Göttingen assistant coach Yannick Broscheit, who represented the sick coach Nils Leunig.


In an initially balanced game, the Maschpark kickers gained the upper hand through a precise combination game and consequently took the lead shortly before half-time through Steven Baumgardt. The hosts, who often tried to succeed with high balls, braced themselves against the impending defeat in the second half. However, the 05ers kept a cool head and expanded their lead with Noah-Elias Bachmann. Even a legitimate red card for the guest keeper did not deter the Göttingen from winning the road. – Tore: 0: 1 Baumgardt (45th), 0: 2 Bachmann (67th).


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