A huge python completely swallowed the ring-tailed possum and got on the video: Animals: From life: Lenta.ru

Near Shelly Beach, Australia, in a Sydney suburb, a woman filmed a large rhombic python hanging from a tree branch and eating possum. She published a recording with a reptile in Instagram.

Lucy Morris climbed a hill near the beach and saw a large rhombic python on a tree. She filmed the reptile with her cell phone.

The record shows that the snake completely swallowed the ring-tailed possum. Only the victim’s tail sticks out of the python’s mouth.

Most of the users of the social network came to the conclusion that it was the ossum that became the prey of the python. Some have suggested that it was a large rat, a small wallaby, or even a cat. Many users have noted that they have also seen rhombic pythons in the area.

Rhombic pythons grow up to three meters in length. They are not poisonous, although their bite can be painful. These reptiles strangle their prey by wrapping themselves around it and then swallowing it. They usually feed on small mammals and lizards.

Earlier it was reported that a three-meter python in Singapore swallowed a pet dog in front of its owner. The Spitz owner was so shocked that she could not move for five minutes.


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