A heat wave hits Romania! Temperatures above 38 degrees

An extremely dangerous heat wave is announced over Romania. It will be, in some places in the country, temperatures over 38 degrees.

These temperatures will be felt even more strongly by the human body and we must take precautions.

How long this wave of heatwave lasts and how dangerous it is for Romania, he tells us Elena Mateescuthe general director of ANM.

“Tomorrow, 35-36 degrees in the Western Plain. The same difference in temperature values ​​up to 36 degrees, also in the western part of the country, on Wednesday, after which on Thursday and the weekend it will be possible to characterize the values ​​of rising temperatures up to 37 degrees, including in the western part. and south of the country, including in the Capital, 35-36 degrees.

Under these conditions, the thermal discomfort will be particularly pronounced. Possible light rainfall will also be isolated in the first part of the week, especially in the mountainous area and locally in the southern and south-eastern part of the country.

So, a hot weather for the end of the first month of this summer, but also the beginning of the month of the oven.

At least until around July 10, we expect that, indeed, the tropical air mass will persist in the area of ​​our country and will be characterized by temperature values ​​of up to 37-38 degrees and temperatures felt well above 38 degrees “, said Elena Mateescu, director of ANM, for Antena 3.


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