A group photo of Al-Ahly excluded from the super match sponsored by Mohamed Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud, Al-Ahly club player, published a photo through his personal account on Instagram, which he collected with his colleagues who are excluded from the list of the red team, which is preparing to face the Vanguards of the Army tomorrow, Tuesday, in the local Super Cup, and Percy Tau, the latest arrivals to the Red Castle, appeared in the photo, in addition to Junior Ajay.

Al-Ahly players (1)

Al-Ahly players (2)
Al-Ahly players (2)

And it was confirmed that Taher Mohamed Taher, Al-Ahly club player, was ready to face the pioneers of the army, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria, in the Super Cup, after passing the medical examination that he underwent hours ago, after he left the Red Genie’s training last Saturday evening at the team’s camp in Alexandria due to a bruise. In the knee, he was unable to train.

Al-Ahly’s medical staff preferred that Taher Mohamed Taher not complete the team’s training on Saturday evening so that his injury would not worsen, and then he underwent a medical examination before training on Sunday to determine his position on the Egyptian Super Championship, and his safety was confirmed to be ready for the Al-Tala’i battle.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club officials refused to amend the team’s collective contracts with the team, claiming that more than one star in the team had received many offers and temptations in the past period, led by Hussein Al-Shahat, Alio Diang, Badr Banon, Afsha and Muhammad Sharif, and Al-Ahly officials confirmed that foreign offers cannot be a reason. Forcing the club to amend player contracts, even if these players rejected offers from foreign clubs in the last period, led by Hussein Al-Shahat, Malian Aliou Diang, Badr Banon, Sharif and Afsha.

The past few days witnessed hints by some of the team’s players that they wanted to amend and increase their contracts in a manner commensurate with their current position in the team. The agents of these players also confirmed their rejection of tempting offers from foreign clubs, so they deserve to amend their contracts, but Al-Ahly’s management confirmed that the idea of ​​amending contracts would only be For some players whose contracts the management believes are no longer commensurate with their current position in the team.



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