A “Great Debate” to strengthen respect and eloquence

A “Great Debate” to strengthen respect and eloquence

166 students of 3 eNotre-Dame college participated, Wednesday, in a “Great debate” on the theme of racism and discrimination.

An exercise that is all the more unusual in that this debate was entirely prepared for weeks, then organised, guided and regulated by the students themselves.

This pedagogical project facilitates speech, encourages speaking up and develops critical thinking, while applying the codes related to public speaking. This “Great Debate” was for two hours a model of respect and listening. “We wanted, through this project, to allow all students to reflect and discuss a subject that affects them. A subject that they have chosen and that they can, thanks to this method, approach openly, without taboos”, explained Yacinthe Devillers-Reling, professor-librarian and coordinator of this project.

Objective achieved thanks, in particular, to the moderators of the debate. Twelve, in total, for six workshops and thirty groups. Twelve students, all class delegates, who, to lead the debates and regulate the exchanges within the discussion groups, previously participated in three training sessions, given by pedagogues from the Ligue de l’enseignement and financed by the Conseil departmental.

“Everything went well, there was a good atmosphere,” commented Nora, one of the facilitators, who sees herself as a lawyer. “I was a little stressed, but I’m happy to have taken this training. I will be able to add a new line on my CV. »

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2023-05-05 06:00:00

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