A former Secretary of State of the British Government denounces having been dismissed from office for being Muslim


The conservative deputy Nusrat Ghani has accused this Saturday a senior official of her party of having dismissed her from her position in the Ministry of Transport during the remodeling that the Government of Boris Johnson adopted in February 2020 due to her religious belief.

Ghani, a member of the Upper House of the ‘Tories’ and former parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Transport until February 13, 2020, explained in an interview with ‘The Sunday Times’ that her faith was making her colleagues ” feel uncomfortable.”

“It was like receiving a punch in the stomach,” explained the politician, who is originally from Wealden, a district in the south of the United Kingdom. “I felt humiliated and powerless. At the Downing Street reorganization meeting I was told that my ‘Muslimity’ had been seen as a ‘problem’, and that my status as a ‘Muslim female minister’ was making my colleagues uncomfortable,” she confessed. .

In addition, according to the deputy, her party colleagues supposedly told her that “they had some mistrust in her loyalty”, since “she did not do enough” to defend the party from the accusations of Islamophobia that she received.

“It became very clear to me that the ‘Chief Whip’ (the person who is in charge of ensuring that the deputies of a party comply with the discipline of the vote) and Downing Street demanded a higher loyalty threshold from me than they asked others for me origin and my faith,” said Ghani.

The person alluded to whom the deputy blames, Mark Spencer, has assured after the interview was published that such accusations “are completely false”, and has added that he has “never” used those words attributed to him.

“It is disappointing that when this issue was raised with Mrs Ghani, she refused to refer the matter to the Conservative Party for a formal investigation. I myself provided evidence to the Inquiry…into Islamophobia which concluded there was no credible basis for such claims,” ​​the British Conservatives’ Chief Whip explained on his Twitter account.

MP Ghani’s accusation of racism comes at a tense moment for those in charge of ensuring voting discipline in the ‘Tories’, as a large part of Conservative MPs is seeking to overthrow Boris Johnson as Prime Minister after the controversies parties during the confinement that were held in Downing Street.


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