A former NASA engineer launched an egg from space and the video is surprising and viral

What happens if an egg is thrown from the space? This is the question that was asked Mark Roberformer engineer of the NASA and successful youtuber, which true to its nature sought the answer through a complex experiment. As she recounted, this feat took her three years of hard work.

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Launching an egg from space: the result is surprising and viral

Rober, who in the past integrated engineering teams at the United States space agency, is now a highly recognized content creator. At the time of publication of this article, the video showing an egg falling from space already exceeded 24 million views on YouTube.

Mark Rober, the man who launched an egg from space. (Photo: Capture)

An egg falls from space”, is the title of the video that in almost 25 minutes shows the details of an experience with a surprising result. Of course, the works were an “ordeal”, according to Rober’s own words.

The fragile egg was attached to a rocket that was attached to a weather balloon. The intention was to reach space, an area that is reached by exceed 100 km of altitude, where the so-called Karman line is located. However, Rober’s ship ascended “only” 30 kilometers into space.

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As we see in the video, the youtuber worked on this experiment together with a NASA expert, who designed rockets for the Curiosity mission. The team created a mattress capable of cushioning the egg in its fall. In addition, they added a heating system so that it does not freeze in space.

The result? The egg endured the journey into space and finally the fall, without breaking. “Next year we will do this on Mars,” promised the youtuber.

More feats from Mark Rober

The content creator joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 2004 and worked there for nine years, mostly on the project Curiosity, a robot that is now exploring the surface of Mars. In recent years he achieved great fame thanks to his videos on YouTube, which mix popular science with entertainment.

Rober is the owner of two Guinness records: one of them thanks to the largest elephant toothpaste in the world, and another for the largest number of dominoes placed and knocked down in an hour.

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The former NASA member is a well-known figure in TN Tecno. In the past we saw him creating a smelly package to scare off e-commerce shipment thievesand in another clip we saw it testing if sharks really attack by smelling blood humana.

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