A film with a retro flair and the smell of chlorine

Karl Kruse (Milan Peschel) as swimming master Kruse in front of his gem, the outdoor pool © 2021 Leonine

As if “lifeguard” was a dirty word! But Karl Kruse (Milan Peschel) forbids himself to use this term, he is “swimming master”. Okay, in the open air pool people swim more, they bathe less, but Kruse should be happy that he doesn’t use an Austrian swimming pool as a “bath tub” …

Occupation beyond the usual

But swimming master Kruse has completely different problems in Marcus H. Rosenmüller’s new comedy “Beckenrand Sheriff” and of course the story does not take place in Austria, but in Bavaria. Kruses’ beloved outdoor pool, in which he rules with strict tempos, is to be closed. Behind it is the village construction lion, played by Sebastian Bezzel, who likes to take off his Eberhofer uniform. In general, the cast is often a bit out of the ordinary.

First and foremost Milan Peschel, who shows his great comedic talent with great attention to detail. Well, the Austrian Thomas Mraz is a pastor again, but a rather unconventional one who plays water polo. A special treat is Johanna Wokalek, who was just convincing as an overwhelmed doctor in the successful mini-series “The Power of Offense”. In “Beckenrand-Sheriff” she is the bizarre water polo trainer Frau Wilhelm, who forms a wonderful anti-Bayern couple with Kruse. In addition to saving the bathroom, the safety of the Nigerian refugee Sali (Dimitri Abold), who feels drawn to the Baulöwen daughter Lisa (Sarah Mahita), is also at stake for Kruse.

What is nice about the “Sheriff pool edge” is the retro flair with the smell of chlorine that exudes this cinematic outdoor pool in the country, including memories of slippery floors, hidden cuddling, twinnies and blow-drying upside down in the changing room.

One or the other cliché, already with a beard, can be found, for example the building lion, which is reminiscent of the age-old “Bull von Tölz” episodes, or the presentation of the almighty local politics. There is also a lot of old shame.

When including current political issues, a bit thick is applied, but the viewer can enjoy the loving characters at any time and indulge in his personal memories of the pool.

By Mariella Moshammer

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