A fan throws herself into the arms of Muhammad Ramadan and enters into a hysterical fit

A fan throws herself into the arms of Muhammad Ramadan and enters into a hysterical fit

The reaction of one of the girls who admired the artist topped the list Mohamed Ramadan The talk of social media platforms, after she screamed loudly and stormed the personal guard until she reached Muhammad Ramadan and embraced him while she was crying amidst her entering a hysterical fit.

And it appeared Mohamed Ramadan During the video clip, he tries to calm her down and asks her, “What’s wrong with him?” The opinions of the activists on the communication sites were divided between the attack on the girl because of the unjustified screaming about the artist’s vision, and between her defender. One social media activist wrote that she had asked the artist Mohamed Ramadan To help her heal her son.

And it was Mohamed Ramadan He sparked controversy in his recent statements when he said, “I am the highest-paid artist in the Arab world and the most influential after Umm Kulthum.”

The artist celebrated Mohamed Ramadan With the special screening of his latest film, “A’ Al-Zero”, which co-stars Jumana Murad, Nelly Karim, Sherif Desouki, the child Munther Mahran, and the star Khaled El-Sawy.

And the artist expressed Mohamed Ramadan He expressed his happiness to participate in this film, noting that he could not refuse an integrated work such as the movie “Al-Zero”.

The story of the movie “Al-Zero” revolves around a framework of suspense and excitement that he is keen on Mohamed Ramadan He uses it in his films, and the hero of the film is called “Hamza”, whose son suffers from a disease and tries to provide him with treatment, and “Hamza” resorts to entering the field of human organ trade and becomes one of the wealthy.

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And he chose the artist Mohamed Ramadan To promote his new movie “A Zero” in the manner of a poster similar to the poster of the star Travis Scott’s concert, which was scheduled to be held in the pyramids area, but was cancelled.


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