A drunk man destroys several ninots of a Valencia Falla

A man in his 30s, who was drunk and was carrying a bottle in his hand, this morning destroyed two scenes and several ninots of the failure of the Ramiro de Maeztu-Los Leones commission, in the Valencian neighborhood of Ayora.

As its president, Rafa Moreno, has told EFE, they had returned from the Offering and he was already at home when his phone began to ring with calls from “falleros and neighbors” who know him to inform him that the monument had been destroyed. by motto “Amb l’aigua al coll” (With the water around the neck).

“It has been an unpleasant night. We came happy after the Offering and with great pride because we had paraded in front of the Fallera Mayor Infantil -Carla García-, which belongs to our commission and we have that privilege, and we were surprised,” he said.

After the calls he received, he went down to the fault after two in the morning and found a couple of police cars, “which had a man arrested inside.”

Damages in the most expensive scene and that led to the exhibition of the ninot

“He was about 30 years old, he was drunk and had completely destroyed two scenes and several ninots,” he pointed out to relate that the security guard they have hired “held him until the National Police came but could not avoid the destruction because he was caught in the other side “, because the faults – the big one and the infantile one – are separated.

“Unfortunately, every year there is some act of vandalism and it has touched us. And thanks to the fact that we will be able to burn it because today they have told me that in Patraix this morning they have tried to burn a child fault”, he stressed.

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Raquel Andrés Durà

What “tastes worse” are the damage caused in the scene of a mermaid, which is the one that led to the competition at the Ninot Exhibition: “It is the one that is made with the most affection, the most worked figure and the most expensive in money” .

The other scene that has suffered vandalism is a “funny one” in which Pere Fuset and Carlos Galiana, former councilman and current mayor of Valencia’s Festive Culture, respectively, are seen “in a power struggle” to win over that Department . He has also destroyed “several dolls” or “ninots”.

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