“A disastrous year for the Camino de Santiago, economically and for tourism” | Radio Palencia | Present

It’s 2021, Jacobean Year long-awaited is being, not only atypical because of the pandemic, but “absolutely disastrous economically and tourism “as recognized Angel Luis Barreda President of the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago who sees that of the 40,000 pilgrims who should have passed through the Jacobean route at this time of year, there is not even 10% in this 2021. The pilgrims are almost entirely of Spanish nationality having registered a significant increase in those who decide to do the Camino on foot.

Just 15 days ago the hostels of pilgrims who have been able to do so since there are quite a few who have chosen to remain closed. Barreda acknowledges the difficulty of maintaining sanitary measures in these types of establishments due to their very typology and that the accumulation of people in the same space poses a risk, but since there is such a small number of pilgrims, they are not exceeding nor even 50% capacity, which makes control easier. Barreda understands that specific measures should have been adopted from the Board to regulate these spaces, especially this year. Almost total absence of foreign pilgrims and the few who have decided to do the route are Spanish.

As for the Camino as it passes through the province of Palencia, satisfaction for the inio of the works by the Provincial Council for the creation of a path parallel to the road in the section that runs between Carrión and the Fuente del Hospitalejo, an infrastructure that will mean, once completed, that the entire itinerary will be carried out on its own paths and off the roads, a circumstance that it directly affects the safety of the road, the most important issue in his opinion to guarantee the maintenance of the route.


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