A day full of emotions at CEIP San Francisco de Pamplona

“Finally! I like the patio better, “he exclaimed Thalia Esteban Maroto when his mother has informed him that this course allows contact or object games and lunch during recesses. The little girl has started this Wednesday fourth of Primary Education. Like Thalía, about 400 boys and girls have returned to class in the CEIP San Francisco, in the Old Town. And parents have accompanied their children on a journey full of emotions.

Africa Berraondo has left home “Happy and excited” for entering his classroom in the third year of Primary, according to his mother, Merche Navarro Francés. For Navarro, the feeling of the families is different from last year on the same dates, especially due to the vaccination rates: “People seem to be more relaxed.” The students have accessed the center through three different doors. In those located on San Francisco Street, there has been a brief moment of chaos when several vans have tried to pass through the road where many parents and children were waiting to enter school.

Between this Thursday and Friday, the 28 3-year-olds they will meet some of their peers. Of these, 24 will study in model D and 4 in G. During their adaptation period, they first visit the facilities with their families and the next two days they stay in the classroom for an hour and a half in groups of six students. Starting next week, they will get together in their coexistence groups of 12 children.



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