A couple sentenced by the Moulins court for renting apartments to prostitutes

Abused by her stepfather, pregnant at 15, she decides to flee Brazil to join her father in Spain at the age of 19. Sold to the Spanish mafia, she is forced into prostitution. Confronted with the death of some of her friends, she wants to go to France. Where it is also sold there. She won’t say much more.

Her ordeal comes to an end, she believes, when she meets an electrician who intervenes in an apartment where she cash in on her body. This serious man, who works and brings up his children, is his lifeline. In love, he takes out a loan to pay his debt and get it out of prostitution. Together, they buy homes that they want to rent. But crumbling under nine credits, he must repay more than 2,000 euros per month.

Caught by the throat, the couple cannot afford to renovate their property and cannot find tenants in Moulins. The accommodation is then offered for rent to former prostitute “colleagues” through WhatsApp discussion groups.

A stay in psychiatry

Legally, it is about procuring. When they understood it, the two lovers decided to stop. “We have just finished with the reservations which were already recorded”, they assure at the bar of the court of Moulins, Thursday. For nine months, he pocketed 20,298 euros and she 4,220 euros.

The court wonders: the defendant, now aged 34, would she have taken a commission on the passes of the girls? No, she promises, claiming to have helped them write their advertisements on Vivastreet for which she was advancing them money that they would only have reimbursed her.

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The president of the court tries to make them aware of their activity, that the couple took advantage of the distress of some of them. A situation that the thirty-something has suffered herself. Devastated to be presented as a pimp, she has spent more than a month in a psychiatric hospital since her arrest in 2017 and vomited during the deliberation.

For the prosecutor, it is “misery that exploits misery”. It requires three years with a simple suspension and 5,000 euros fine against the two defendants.

My Jean-Dominique Lardans and Jean-Louis Deschamps, in defense, highlight “the untapped tracks of the investigation”. Customers, they say, were not worried, WhatsApp groups not exploited. Mr. Jean, the Frenchman who bought the debt of the defendant, was not sought and the hotels in the agglomeration which rent their rooms to prostitutes “are never worried”. For the two councils, the sanction has already fallen: the couple separated.

The hard novel about a prostitute in Moulins by Adeline Michalet and Gabin Butel

They finally received a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 5,000 euros each.

Marie Collinet


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