A clean slate in the District 31 series

Forget Yannick Dubeau, Christian Phaneuf and maybe even Miss BBQ. Luc Dionne begins the sixth season of District 31 by making a clean sweep of several past intrigues. “Mononcle Luc was tanned”, explains the author.

Shown to journalists, the 601e, 602e, 603e and 604e episodes of the popular police drama, which Radio-Canada will air next week, do inspire a sense of new beginnings. Despite a spring finale that foreshadowed the return with force of several old stories, it will not be.

During a virtual press briefing, Luc Dionne said he wanted “to close business fairly quickly and move on”.

His strategy has clearly borne fruit.

How long will Miss BBQ / Amélie Bérubé (Charlotte Legault) stay?

Photo courtesy, Karl Jessy

How long will Miss BBQ / Amélie Bérubé (Charlotte Legault) stay?

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been stimulated like this. It’s fun! The author launched, a broad smile on his face.

An “electroshock”

If Yannick Dubeau (Patrice Godin, whom we had seen in the final rebound in April) is out of the game and we (finally) turn the page on the wiretapping affair which proved that Chiasson (Gildor Roy) had participated in the murder of Phaneuf as a member of the secret services, what will be the next months of District 31 ? Mystery…

One thing is certain, the case of the murder of a young boy will keep you going for four days. Then, we will discover the identity of the “villain of the year”, revealed Luc Dionne. And after several procrastinations, Yves Jacob (Marc Fournier) will officially join Stéphane (Sébastien Delorme), Noélie (Catherine St-Laurent) and company.

Gabrielle (Geneviève Brouillette) has to overcome a painful ordeal.

Photo courtesy, Karl Jessy

Gabrielle (Geneviève Brouillette) has to overcome a painful ordeal.

Another important detail to underline: the fourth week will be a “pivot”. “It’s an electric shock,” said producer Fabienne Larouche.

Bruno stays

The sixth season of District 31 will include several moments of emotion, we promise.

Those who fear to mourn the departure – or worse yet, the death – of Bruno Gagné rest assured: Michel Charette will remain in the credits of the soap opera, said Fabienne Larouche.

The first four episodes, however, give the impression of the opposite. During our viewing, we felt that Luc Dionne was preparing – slowly but surely – the release of the detective sergeant, who is going through a difficult period. More impatient and irritable than ever, he seems to be on the brink.

Despite everything, we would never have concluded the farewell of the comedian if TVA had not announced, earlier this summer, that he was going to star in the Domain of the possible, a new series by François Avard, also produced by Fabienne Larouche. With filming starting in a few weeks, it was hard to see how he would manage to juggle two such gripping projects.

The team behind the series, however, suggests that Michel Charette might have less airtime for a while, like Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc in 2017 (she was temporarily absent to star in Tomorrow morning, Montreal is waiting for me) and Vincent-Guillaume Otis in 2018 (he had slipped away to sign a production for the theater).

Luc Dionne will take the opportunity to explore a subject little discussed: the problems of depression within the police. Bruno could go on sick leave, for example.

District 31 resumes the ICI Télé antenna on Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m.


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