a cinema open to the Strasbourg street

The Third Breath team, chosen to take over the Odyssée cinema, wants to create a place open to the street and the city. Centered on cinematographic art and social issues, the future municipal cinema must be able to be appropriated by professionals, associations and the public.

And if, to win the public service delegation of the municipal cinema of the City of Strasbourg, the team of the Third Breath had imagined an anti-Odyssey? Finally partially unveiled, the project of this team of fourteen people bringing together talents from the cinema, image, multimedia, arts and television wants to put the municipal cinema back in the heart of Strasbourg, starting from its location, near immediately from Place Kléber.

Noémie Flecher, from the NoJo workshop and member of the association, specifies:

“The entire progress of our project begins with rue des Francs-Bourgeois. We want Strasbourg residents to feel invited to enter the cinema and legitimate to appropriate this place. »

The founding team of the Third Wind

Cécile Becker, Alice Boucereau, Noémie Flecher, Pierre Glista, Étienne Hunsinger, Laëlien Lecerf, Adèle Lhoutellier, Jonathan Metz, Adrien Moerlen, Catherine Mueller, Maud Repiquet, Fabien Texier, Joël Therin and Till Zimmermann.

A cinema open to the city is the watchword of the Third Breath project, which intends to transform itself into a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) to walk the talk. Colleges (founders, employees, spectators, partners, etc.) will participate to varying degrees in steering the two structures of the cinema and the bar, themselves cooperatives, while a programming council will be in charge of choosing the cycles and films screened. .

“It looks very technical like that but it is an essential, structuring element of our proposal. We are part of a movement described in “Cinema makers”, which details how independents are reinventing what cinemas can be in the digital age. We will be part of this generation of European cinemas that have become living spaces. »

Cinematographic art and current issues

This programmatic opening will nevertheless have to agree with the two strong axes of the project, which are “cinematographic art”, with for example sequences on movement, light, etc. and “societal issues”, which the future cinema wants to shed light on with projections rooted in current events. Among the French examples that inspired the team of Le Trois souffle, Étienne Hunsinger cites the Gyptis in Marseillesthe Cinematograph in Nantes where the Mellies in Saint Etienne.

In front of the selection jury, the project scored points in particular in the “use of different spaces” category with a score of 9 out of 10. Cécile Becker, freelance journalist and future general secretary of cinema, explains:

“We are completely integrating the bar into the overall project, its spaces will be redesigned to use, for example, the lounge which overlooks the reception hall and whose arcades overlook rue des Francs-Bourgeois, especially during our events, which we hope numerous. »

Nest for children and clubbing

As for the small projection room and the current “documentation center”, the Third Breath does not lack ideas, it is Catherine Mueller, co-director of La Chambre, who summarizes:

“The library will be converted into an audiovisual editing and production room, intended for school audiences for example, during training operations. As for the small room, we want it to serve as a territory for experimentation, so that it can evolve between a nest for very young audiences and a cinematographic clubbing. »

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This “dream of cinema”, to use the word of several members of Le Trois souffle, must operate with an annual budget of approximately €700,000, including nearly €250,000 in municipal subsidies. The project was apparently the “lowest bidder” of the three applications, but the team would like to point out that it still won the delegation with a level of subsidy comparable to that of the competing projects. The box office must provide at least 40% of the receipts (with prices comparable to what exists in other cinemas). The team promises to be able to mobilize other funding, national and European, to balance the budget. The eleven current employees of the Odyssée cinema will be taken over but their functions will change significantly, given the new axes of openness and distribution that the Third Wind is giving itself.

Complete repair work will begin from April 9, the date of the start of the delegation to the Third Wind, and which should last six to eight months. A prefiguration period during which the team will put in place the legal structures and will offer meetings “outside the walls”, before an official opening scheduled for the end of the year. As for the name of the future cinema, the Third Breath refuses to reveal it pending “an arbitration by the mayor. »


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