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A Chinese module successfully landed on Mars. The robotic truck examines the surface

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The Chinese space module successfully landed on Mars. This was announced on Saturday by the state agency New China with reference to the Chinese National Space Agency CNSA. The module contains a robotic vehicle that should examine the surface of the planet.

“China has left its mark on Mars for the first time,” the New China news agency reported. She described the landing on Mars as an important step in China’s space program.

The robotic truck weighs about 240 kilograms. It has six wheels and four solar collectors. It can move around the surface of Mars at a speed of 200 meters per hour, the DPA agency wrote.

A robotic explorer of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) landed successfully on Mars in February.

The United States has made nine successful landings on Mars since 1976.

However, the Soviet Mars 2 was the first to hit the surface of Mars in November 1971. However, contact was not made with it. On December 2, 1971, it took only a few seconds to connect to its sister space Mars 3.

The first successful landing was the American Viking 1 spacecraft on July 20, 1976, which then mapped the surface for six years (until November 1982) – the length of its stay set a long record, which was broken by the Opportunity vehicle in 2010. It has been on Mars since January 2004, last February NASA officially depreciated the vehicle.

Among other things, Viking 1 sent the first color photograph of the surface of Mars to Earth, and with Viking 2, which landed on Mars two weeks later, it took over 50,000 images, but found no signs of life. The very first mobile device to work on Mars was the Mars Pathfinder in 1997.

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