A canton urgently needs blood

The blood reserves have now reached a critically low level. In order to maintain the blood supply to the hospitals, the population of the canton of Bern is being asked to donate blood.

Due to the increasing number of cases of the corona virus, too few people have been donating blood for around two months. At the same time, the need for blood products from hospitals remains high. Since blood products can only be stored for a short time, it is important that as many donors as possible reserve an appointment over the coming weeks.

Even if certain surgeries are currently being postponed due to the pandemic, cancer patients and accident victims, for example, continue to depend on blood. dr Andreas Wicki, head of blood supply at the interregional blood donation SRK, says: “Despite the pandemic, the hospitals still have a high demand for blood products. Due to the low level of donations, we are currently missing around 150 donations per week”.

There are additional dates

The interregional blood donation SRK calls on the population of the canton of Bern to donate blood so that the hospitals can continue to be supplied with sufficient blood products. Additional appointment options have been created in all Bern blood donation centers so that all those willing to donate will have the opportunity to donate in the next few weeks.

You don’t need a certificate to donate blood. Thanks to the protection concept, the blood donation takes place in a safe environment. After a (booster) vaccination against the coronavirus, blood can be donated again after 48 hours, provided no symptoms appear.

Anyone who develops symptoms after the vaccination can donate blood again after a waiting period of 7 days after the symptoms have subsided. The same applies to the booster vaccination.

Anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 60 at the time of the first donation, feels healthy and weighs at least 50 kilograms can donate blood. Donations can be made in the blood donation centers in Biel, Bern, Burgdorf, Langenthal and Thun as well as in numerous blood donation campaigns (ichspendeblut.ch). Donors are recommended to book an appointment at reservation.ichspendeblut.ch. mt


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