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A “brutal” attack by a Lebanese school on a Syrian child, as the authorities move … video

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Social media pioneers on various platforms in Lebanon have shared painful video clips documenting a “brutal” assault case targeting a young Syrian child.

Citizens widely circulated scenes showing a Lebanese girl, said to be a teacher, beating a Syrian child in a severe and painful way, in scenes that met with widespread dissatisfaction.

The video shows a young woman chasing a child who was said to be Syrian, kicking him several times and then knocking him to the ground, so Lebanese citizens who were at the scene immediately intervened and prevented her from following her assault.

Al-Arabiya quoted sources Of means Social media, according to which the Lebanese government took action immediately after monitoring the scenes.

The sources confirmed that the Attorney General of South Lebanon, Judge Rahaif Ramadan, immediately intervened and opened an investigation into the incident.

The sources noted that the Lebanese judiciary is taking appropriate and legal measures against the attacking girl, stressing that “nothing justifies this brutality.”

Followers on social media indicated that the woman assaulted the child under the pretext of insulting her son, despite the Syrian child’s denial of the young woman’s allegations.

Some reported the details of what happened on the day of the incident, as the child told the mother more than once that he had not attacked her son, while she continued to assault him and threatened him with deportation of his family from Lebanon.

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