A breakdown in the air conditioning floods three floors of the Department of Urbanism

A breakdown in the air conditioning floods three floors of the Department of Urbanism

The broken hose of one of the air conditioners located in the fifth floor of the Avenidas Buildingwhere the Department of Urbanismcaused yesterday a flood what affected the third, fourth and fifth floors of the building.

According to technicians who checked the affected plants, the broken hose of one of the air conditioners could have occurred on Friday afternoon. To be offices closed, the water leak was not detected until Sunday. During this period of time, the water fell on the fifth floor, entering through the false ceilings and also flooding the fourth and third floors.

After the flood was detectedthe water supply was cut off throughout the building and a first damage assessmentboth of the affected plants and of the furniture and computer equipment.

A break in an air conditioning tube has closed part of the Avenidas Building. COUNCIL OF PALMA

Discipline and Security of the building considered it appropriate that until an in-depth evaluation is carried out and occupational safety is confirmed in all the affected floors, The employees of these three plants will have to telework.

However, the water has not affected the ground floor, where the public service officeshence users will be able to carry out their procedures normally despite the failure.

Town Planning Councillor, Oscar Fidalgoappeared early yesterday morning at the building to find out first-hand about the situation and coordinate the necessary tasks for the restoration of normality.

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Second failure in a month

nearly thirty days ago the Avenidas Building had to be partially closed due to another failure in the air conditioningwhich prevented maintaining an adequate temperature in a time of high temperatures due to one of the heat waves of this summer.

On that occasion, due to the high temperatures that were recorded at the beginning of last July, workers received instructions to telework and also, The customer service was also closedredirecting all appointments to the system to carry them out electronically.

In this case, the fault in the air has only affected the upper floors, so that the public service units will be able to continue to function normally and citizens will be able to continue carrying out their procedures in person.

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