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A break for the investigators

by drbyos

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It was late Monday evening, some time after you had received the previous edition of this newsletter, when the Frankfurt public prosecutor announced that the investigation into the threatening letters “NSU 2.0” could soon bring new insights: Because there is a 53-year-old unemployed person in Berlin Man of German nationality was arrested, who had already been convicted in the past for numerous, among other things, right-wing crimes. He is suspected of having sent a series of threatening letters with inciting, insulting and threatening content since August 2018. Addressees were, among others, members of the federal and state parliament, the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz, who had represented co-plaintiffs in the trial of the murder of the terrorist organization NSU, as well as artists and human rights activists. So this is a breakout, as Ewald Hetrodt comments, even if there are still unanswered questions in the complex. For example, to what extent and whether there is a connection between the prompt query of a police computer in the 1st district in Frankfurt and the alleged threatening letter writer. We’ll stay tuned for you.

Something is happening in schools at least if the incidence figures allow it: As soon as the high school graduates are gone, the middle school students are allowed back to school after almost five months. Alternating classes for seventh to eleventh graders begin on Thursday. In the eleven Hessian districts in which the incidence was last below 165 on five working days in a row, including the Hochtaunus, Main-Taunus and Rheingau-Taunus districts, the Offenbach and Darmstadt-Dieburg districts, the Wetterau district and the Vogelsbergkreis. The mark was also below the mark in the city of Darmstadt. The school communities look forward to the event with anticipation but also concern. “For the first time ever, a good number of them will be dealing with school again,” says Felix Blömeke, director of the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule in Schwalbach near Frankfurt. It’s about time, so much.

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In Frankfurt it is still a long time with the schools. But what is certain is that there will be no driving bans for the time being. At least not on July 1st. The air quality in the city has “developed positively overall” in the past few months, announced Hesse’s Environment Minister Priska Hinz on Tuesday. However, she could not give the all-clear, said the Green politician, because of course the pandemic has led to less traffic in the big city and commuter stronghold. But in the meantime the measured values ​​would rise again in some cases. According to Hinz, this means: “Driving bans on October 1st are not yet off the table”. It would have been too nice too.

And Bergen-Enkheim will also receive an additional bus line; Line 40 will run permanently in the northeastern part of the city from Monday next week +++ more than 4000 visitors are expected at the Youth Church Day 2022 in Gernsheim am Rhein, which under the motto “Today. Together. For tomorrow! ”+++ representatives from retail, gastronomy and hotel industry should stand in view of the vaccination progress and the falling numbers of new infections for further opening steps.

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birthday have on Wednesday May 5th

Wilhelm Wallmann (CDU), former mayor of Wiesbaden (80); Ralf Nocker, Managing Director of the Association of Communication Agencies, Frankfurt (56); Florian Craciun, Managing Director of the bag manufacturer Zwei GmbH, Weiterstadt (53).

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