99-OVR-Ronaldo via Pre-Season im United-Dress

Cristiano Ronaldo received a special card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT) for the pre-season, which is available via the Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

As part of the pre-season promo, the second and last week of which started on Friday evening (03.09.) And brings with it some new FUT 22 rewards, for FIFA 22 in FUT 21, Cristiano Ronaldo was given an outstanding special item that he already as Manchester United player leads. The superstar was previously under contract with the “Red Devils”, but measured in FIFA time, this is ancient history: FUT did not exist at the time. Accordingly, the most recent card is Ronaldo’s very first FUT object in the United guise – a fitting conclusion for FUT 21.

The pre-season special card with a boost increases the Overall rating compared to the regular Gold variant (92) by seven points 99 Counter. The spectacular FUT debut with the coat of arms of his old and new club delivers maximum ratings for the shot (+6) and that Dribbling (+10), that Weather (+9) just missed the target. To activate the card you have to until September 10th Complete a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) that requires 14 teams. The cheapest solution costs just over a million coins (Status: 03.09.), Insofar as all required players have to be purchased beforehand.

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