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GridPop.ID – Recently a researcher has found fossil paw-paw estimated to be 99 million years old.

Surprising, when fossil It was found by the researcher, said the parent paw-paw take good care of her children.

Which one is mom paw-paw holding the egg sac with paw-paw small inside, that’s the position paw-paw females keep eggs.

Reported Kompas.com from Live Science, Thursday (16/9/2021), fossil which was found in a village in Northern Myanmar prior to 2017 this is fossil oldest.

There are four chunks of amber, resin or tree rubber that become fossil with beautiful colors, which became a trap that immortalized some mothers paw-paw big-eyed.

Most likely mom paw-paw are guarding egg sacs and caring for their hatchlings when they are trapped in the sticky tree resin.

“It’s great to have real physical evidence through small photos in notes fossil,” said Paul Selden, study co-author and emeritus professor emeritus of the Department of Geology at the University of Kansas.

Of the four lumps of amber, Selden said the most remarkable was the one with paw-paw large female with an egg sac underneath.

Mother’s protective behavior paw-paw their egg sacs represent parental care that may also help keep the eggs warm.

“The female holds the egg sac with paw-paw small inside, that’s the position you’ll find paw-paw females take care of their eggs, “added Selden.

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In addition to the face, there are boneless legs and trichobothria or sensory hairs indicating that they belong to the spider family Lagonomegopidae, an extinct group of spiders.

They lived in the northern hemisphere during the Cretaceous period, or about 145 million to 66 million years ago.

The researchers said the features shared by the Lagonomegopidae include two large eyes on the head, similar to those of a jumping spider.

Not only that, their large eyes indicate that Lagonomegopidae spiders were probably free hunters and not web-making spiders, as web-making spiders usually have poor eyesight.

Meanwhile, the other three chunks contained spider calves as well as some spider silk thread, some arthropod and wasp legs.

The three lumps showed 24, 36 and 34 spider calves, respectively.

Each chunk is thought to be made up of a unique group of spider siblings, as they are about the same size.

In one of the lumps, there is a child with spider silk wrapped around chunks of detritus, a biogenic material that is decomposed by microbes, which may be part of the parent’s artificial nest to guard the egg sac.

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This also reveals that after hatching, the spiders will stay with their mothers in the nest rather than immediately disperse.

Currently, the oldest known fossil findings of parental spider care are kept at the Key Laboratory of Insect Evolution and Environmental Change, at College of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, Cina.

Most of the spiders in the house are not poisonous, but they can also be annoying at home.

The house will also feel dirty and dirty with the presence of spiders and their nests.

Here’s how to get rid of spiders in the house, reported from Bobo.ID

1. Using Lemon

The trick, just rub the lemon peel or orange peel into areas that spiders usually pass or where spiders hide.

The scent of lemon or orange can also freshen up any room if you rub it evenly throughout the room.

2. Using Mint Oil

Spiders don’t like the smell of mint oil.

This can be used to repel spiders in the house. The trick, mix mint oil with water, then put it in a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture on areas where spiders are hiding.

3. Using Vinegar

The pungent smell of vinegar is not liked by spiders, lo. The trick, mix vinegar and water, in a 1:2 ratio.

Adjust, also the dose to your needs to repel spiders.

Then, put the mixture in a spray bottle and just spray it on the spider’s hiding area.

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