90PLUS | Juventus sporting director Cherubini on Ronaldo transfer: “Manchester City didn’t want to pay a penny”

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News | As is well known, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United. For a long time, however, a move to Manchester City was imminent, which, according to Juventus sports director Federico Cherubini, burst for a spicy reason.

Juventus sporting director Cherubini: “Replacing Ronaldo is actually impossible”

The transfer summer offered one or the other big surprise. In the foreground was also Cristiano Ronaldo (36), who rejoined Manchester United after twelve years of abstinence. Described the process of the transfer Federico Cherubini (50), the sports director of Juventus, in an interview at Tuttosport (via kicker). According to this, the Turinese were sure a week earlier that the Portuguese superstar would stay. But then he decided to leave. Was considered a favorite for a commitment Manchester City.

But just one of the financially most potent clubs acted stingy. “Manchester City did not want to pay a penny for him, the necessary conditions were not met,” said Cherubini and added: “Manchester United behaved differently, a club with tradition.” Around 15 million transfer went to Juventus, which also saves Ronaldo’s lavish salary.

An analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move

However, the sports director also emphasized that it was actually “impossible” to replace the striker. Juventus pursue now “a changed plan”, which translates into the transfer of Moise kean (21) showed. It is “a signal for the future. We brought back a home grown one. Here at Juventus there is room for players from our youth division, ”added Cherubini. However, the Italian record champions still have a lot of work to do. The start of the season failed with just one point from two games. On Saturday evening (6 p.m.) it goes to the good-looking SSC Napoli.

(Photo: Imago/Martin Rickett)

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