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High tech, nostalgia or open air – the choice is yours

Dear readers, it should not have escaped your notice in recent years that with the Hügelhelden editorial team you are dealing with a couple of immortally in love and hopelessly lost cinema enthusiasts. Don’t you know it too, that very special moment in the cinema? When the gong sounds, the lights are dimmed, the curtains slide to the side with a whirring sound and the projector begins to rustle? That would at least be the “old-school version” of the golden years of cinema, in the meantime this universe has grown in all directions. The whirring of the projectors gives way more and more to the sound of the high-performance fans of modern, digital and computer-aided projection systems – the future does not stop at the good old cinema.

Nevertheless, even here in the region, you can still experience the full range of cinema. Classic, modern, innovative, large or cute. Today we want to introduce you to our favorite cinemas, maybe one or the other of you can fall in love all over again. Because one thing is certain, the cinema needs you – the long months of lockdown have affected the industry. So that magic can continue to flicker across the screen, in the coming months you should watch a film every now and then where it is most beautiful: in your favorite cinema. The following list is sure to find the right theater for every taste:

The old

If you want to experience a movie theater like the good old days, you don’t have to travel far. There are still several real classics in the region, traditionally run film theaters and cinemas that still exude the sweet and beguiling charm of bygone days. First and foremost, of course, is the good old Schauburg in Karlsruher Marienstraße. Incredible but true, in nine years the cult cinema, which resides in the former premises of the Apollo Variety Theater, will celebrate its 100th birthday. Anyone who hovers over the golden staircase and takes a seat in the velvety cinema armchairs has found it: the little piece of cinema heaven.

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