80-65: Victory before the Super Cup

The Real Madrid they beat UCAM Murcia in the Costa del Sol Tournament and are already thinking about the semifinals of the Super Cup against Lenovo Tenerife in a week (Saturday, 10pm; #Vamos). The set that directs Laso set his best preseason game and dominated from start to finish, managing rents of up to 23 points and showing a great defensive level. In the annotation, Pear tree, with 17 points and a valuation of 20, was the most outstanding along with Abalde (13), Conversationalist and Alocén (11 each). Rudy and Vukcevic, discard them.

The Madridistas soon marked the ground with a good first quarter where they showed many of their weapons for this season. The team came out focused, not allowing easy shots to UCAM Murcia and dominating the rebound. That allowed him to run and in attack he scored so much inside, with Pear tree imposing itself on its peers, as outside, with a great success in the triple (4) and all participating (23-14, min.10).

A very solid Madrid

The pressure on the Murcian outside line, and the defense on their blocking and continuation, tied up the game of Sito Alonso’s men, who entrusted themselves to Taylor so as not to get off the game. But Madrid worked without ups and downs. Each player who jumped onto the field was in charge of this. Williams-Goss, Abalde, Taylor and a Conversationalist at a great level in both rings, being the best of his in the first half with 11 points. They all added from the perimeter to open a gap in the scoreboard with 37-20 in the 17th minute. A slight reaction from UCAM Murcia at the hands of McFadden left the game 12 up for those of Laso at rest (39-27). Minutes before, Heurtel he had to retire to the locker room after a sprained ankle.

UCAM Murcia came out more aggressive at the beginning of the third quarter. Both triples adjusted the score to 41-35 in the 23rd minute. Madrid maintained temperance and cut the rival’s improvement with Alocén and Pear tree making a difference. The points were shared between the two to return a comfortable income to the team above the ten that they knew how to maintain for the rest of the quarter (60-46, min.30).

Clear victory

The Real Madrid He no longer gave Murcian the option to join the game. They showed their strength as a team with a great defensive level. Alocén He was in charge of ending the rival’s hopes by continuing with his shooting repertoire (he finished with 11 points) and the team went on to win by 23 points in the middle of the last quarter with 73-50. Juan Nunez He also had his minutes and with everything solved and the victory more than assured, UCAM Murcia made up the result somewhat (80-65, min 40). In seven days, an exciting season begins.

80-Real Madrid: Heurtel (0), Causeur (11), Hanga (5), Yabusele (4) and Poirier (17) -starting five- Alocen (11), Llull (-), William-Goss (6), Abalde (13) , Taylor (8), Núñez (0) and Eli (5).
65-UCAM Murcia: Taylor (6), McFadden (11), Czerapowicz (3), Webb (12) and Lima (5) -starting five- Cate (8), Malmanis (2), Sorensen (-), Vasileiadis (0), Radovic ( 6), Davis (3), Bellas (4), Rojas (5) and Mertoglu (-).



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