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750 families from Gijón will participate in a pilot project of payment for waste generation. This plan, which has European funding, will allow the study of different models with a view to its possible implementation. In practice, this means that those who recycle more will pay less and those who do not will see their monthly bill penalized. The challenge comes at a key moment after the new community legislation force to reach some reuse and recycling rates increasingly demanding.

Gijón now has almost a year to explore formulas to meet the objectives set by the EU in this ambit. ‘WINPOL’ is a project led by EMULSA and it is divided into two phases. A first recruitment of volunteers in two neighborhoods of the city, yet to be specified. The neighborhood movement will play a relevant role in this process. At the end of the year the monitoringn of the waste streams, organic and residual fraction, which would end up in the container in prepaid bags that can be purchased in vending machines.

The president of the municipal company, the councilor Elm Ron, considers that it is a fairer system for citizens that your reduction and recycling efforts will be rewarded.

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A study will determine if the replacement of the current one is feasible. garbage rate, one of the lowest in the country, due to a payment system per generation with a fixed part and a variable part depending on the habits of each one. The manager of EMULSA, Alfonso Baragaño, stressed this morning that there is no decision made.

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Gijón currently separates just over 37% of the waste it generates.


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